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taxes and a free maintenance in the Prytaneium. “Lastly, let there be hung in the temple of Poseidon a tablet bearing a repres

entation of Lycon’s deed307 at the time of the flood and a short account of his life, in wh

t, as I am t
01. oo old

ich it should be stated that he had been a branded slave

. Coming generations could then read there that the city of Methone did

ycon, I th
02. young w

her duty even to the most insignificant

person. This, dear fellow citizens, is my proposal concerning Lycon. I

ought of g
03. e girl h

f any one has a better plan to suggest

, I will gladly recall it.” The rope-maker, Socles, rose. He was a sma

him in ma
04. for L

ll, stout man, with big, prominent

eyes and a wide half open mouth, which gave him an extremely foolish air. “I can vote for

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We know what it takesto be the leader

no reward to this Lycon,” he said. “Why not?” “Because, by Zeus, he seems to me one of the most foolish of men!... If he was living so merrily and contentedly at Athens as is said, why doesn’t he stay there? What doe

s he want here of us?” Lycon laughed and asked: “Of what city is this man a native?” “Of Ch?roneia.” “Aha!” exclaimed Lycon laughing, “I thought the man who reproached me for my return to Methone, the only good deed I ever performed, must b

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e a—B?otian!” Socles did not know what to answer and, seeing him stand there with his mouth wide open, an image of B?otian stupidity, the whole assembly bu

her to

rst into a roar of laughter, so scornful, noisy, deafening in its mirth, that it seemed as if every stone in the theatre was laughing. Socles stood for

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